Elected Women Leadership in Panchayat
Panchayats are first and most important institutions of governance. In last 20 years, lots of changes have come in the panchayats the most important is, equal participation of women in Panchayat. 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment gives big opportunity to all men and women who are willing to bring change in their own community. We all have seen that there are many women panch and sarpanch who worked very well in the panchayat and continue working. But, this is also true that due to different causes and pressures, they have been driven by men. They are elected representatives but unable to do what they think. Most important thing is lack of self-confidence, knowledge and information. Women representativeshavea lot of strength and ambition to do well for their community, they need proper guidance, motivation, information and support.

Integrated Nutrition and Health Project was supported by CARE India, CDC implemented this project in Balaghat and Seoni districts of Madhya Pradesh since last 2003 INHP Project supports ICDS and Health departments for improving their services, developed monitoring systems and skill of service providers for insuring health and nutrition services at the village level. We have completed this project Sept. 2008 with its specific strategy. INHP project was a unique project for organization, we have done lots of innovative efforts to reduce malnutrition IMR and MMR. All these efforts available with our different reports and Photo of fields.

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