Project CACE : PACS Programme
CACE [Collective Action for Community Empowerment ] project was implemented by CDC during April 2004 to Sept. 2008 in Baihar block of Balaghat district for empowerment of rural tribal women's through formation of SHG and small income generation activities. The project was supported by DFID India under PACS programme. The MC [Management Counsultant] DA [Development Alternatives] and PWC [Price Waterhouse Cooper Pvt.Ltd.] has been provided all technical and financial assistance to implement this project. The CACE project has been initiated all development activities in the project area, there are more than 70 SHG functioning and advocating different local issues. The project has made more than 1200 SHG women's functional literate

arrow Process of Project Implementation 2006 to Sept. 2008
arrow SHG women's in tara literacy kendra.
arrow Project reports which contain details of YEAR - I programme
arrow Quantitative report submitted by CDC to MC during 2006 to 2007
arrow Poorest Area Civil Society [PACS] programme is supported by DFID. Development Alternatives and Price waterhouse Cooper is Management Consultant of the project.
arrow Project closure kit has been developed for the project at the end of the project.
arrow Document of Self evaluation of the project by organization.
arrow A report of capacity building for community, project staff and partners
arrow Success Story CACE
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